Features: Winter

Is it really that time again? 
I've felt this day coming for the past week... yes a snow day. The ground and air surrounding me is white, pristine & crisp. The ground crunching under your feet, the soft snow landing on your head. It is winter. Today is just the beginning, and for the next five month I will both love and curse this weather. 

So I though to be festive today I would show you a few splendid winter inspired photos. 

{{as always, these photos are the property of the credited artist linked under the photo}

Please feel free to take a look at some of my winter photos here:

Halloween Special Feature BONUS!

Ta-Dah, I was so on the ball about this latest feature series that I did up a little bonus feature. Here are some more lovely Halloween themed shots that I love but just didn't know quite where to put. I hope you all enjoyed and had a safe Halloween evening, no matter what kind of trouble you were causing. 

{{All photos are property of the credited artist, linked under the photo}